The Spirit Lovers Legend

The spirit lovers Legend is about falling in love beyond perfectly, and being loved beyond perfectly, forever.


                                    She sings:

It only takes one man seeing her
for the earth to be healed, 
for her to be worshiped
and for the spirit lovers to be born.

Oh my  lovers
by seeing her as your breath my love
by seeing him as your breath my love
you see me.
And by seeing me my lovers,
by seeing me above you smiling
letting my love down like the light,
you are fully loved my  lovers,
you are within my love,
and you will heal the earth,
oh my spirit lovers, you will.


                    He sings:

As I lay kissing your breast, worshiping you,
loving you beyond perfectly,
I hear her voice telling me this story
I become myself
and now I can sing her song.

The Spirit Lovers Legend is an erotic spiritual tradition. It is a simple spirituality, one deeply embedded in our bodies and in making love, where all of us together bring back Her voice on earth.

The spirit lovers Legend is about discovering that you are the spirit lover, a lover who has been loved from the beginning of time to the end of time and will always be loved, and who is capable of loving beyond perfectly forever, for that is simply who we are.

The Spirit Lovers Legend is a legend of our time that anyone can enter and embody as who they are right now. It has no teachers, no practice and no doctrine. In it, any man and any woman as lovers, are each the God spirit and their babies are the earth. The spirit lovers legend is for anyone who wants to love perfectly and be loved perfectly. It is for all lovers, heterosexual lovers and gay lovers who want to reunite the other part of them they have been separated from from when they split into two. We often use the words ordinary man and woman because this is our experience, but everyone is a spirit lover when they love their lover as the god or goddess.

The Spirit Lover Legend poems are a daily record of the spirit lover experience and are erotic songs to her about the rituals and lovemaking. Any day a new poem may appear that sings his love to her at dawn as a prayer and an offering so that the spirit lovers legend can be born on earth again. She does.




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